Alone in Singapore

This is my nth time in Singapore, and darn it's still a haven for me.

This latest trip was seemingly special for I accidentally bumped with five (5) of my colleagues from work, at the same time, made some friends from a techno company called NEC (though I can't remember their names now hehe). My officemates are en route to Malaysia while the latter are both heading to Sing. Buti na lang, they were not seated beside me. I don't wanna talk to anybody that day, ewan, cguro because I want to dig on the inflight arcade games hehe.

When we arrived at Changi, I realized I needed to go straight to Rasa Sentosa Resort where I'll be staying at, as my friends set up dinner for me plus I need to find their place along Orchard. So I went straight to the train station bound for Harbour Front. Since I was too exhausted, I took a nap, and slept, and slept, and slept. Patay!!! I overslept. Because of that my buddies canceled the dinner I screwed up. (HIYA). hehe

AT LUMIPAS ANG MARAMING ARAW HEHE...4 days of intense heat and I am very sure magkakaputok ako dito. That's why every night I go out thinking that it'll be colder outside. But no Pedro it's still too humid and too hot. Buti nalang my Indian friend Ashwin and my buddy Paolo invited me again (hehe) for a dinner at Pao's condo along the infamous Orchard Road. The unit is small but elusively decent. Sparks of Pao's artistic side coupled with his partner's tasteful selection of conventional cum edgy furnitures, gave the hub quite a spectacle of light, home-y mood. Turns out his girlfriend is also a good cook. I ate a wallop of vegetarian dishes (intentionally for Ashwin only he he he) but it was so good I almost ask for a doggy bag. Pinoys talaga!

The nearest mall is Harbour Front Center. Here I stashed almost all my cash. Literally that is. In the end, I needed my good'ol buddy Mr. VISA. I practically bought things needed by my sis and bros. Shoes for the wedding of my bro, a cap for my younger bro and shoes again for my nurse-sister. As for myself, I settled with a nice, fake, QUICKSILVER T-shirt. he he he

Perhaps this last trip outside of the Philippines for the year is the bleakest & stressful one. I worked from 8am - 7pm. No time to have a nice conversation with my inaanak in Sing, to go to Ruffles Bay (?), to take good pics along the road, to the fact that the shots I made are all craps. See them to believe.