diz R ma' CriBs

aba aba nasa mapa na ang Bahay ni UTOY....

satelayt byuw ng aming balay...

hanapin nyo na laang kung san yan...




Sabi netong si Besfren Jourds mukha na daw akong puffer fish (?). Meron ba talagang puffer fish? Di ba blowfish yun? Hehe. Pero since he is the self-confessed-mr-know-it-all-pero-ginagalang-kong-tropa, e I believed na din pero onti lang. As expected, kinabukasan he went to my office, of course, alam ko na na iduduldol na naman nya si MR. puffer fish so nagre-search na 'ko beforehand (hehehe). Tama ang loko!

So here is the thing that I read about the infamous PUFFER FISH.

Sana me spine din ako para lahat ng taong pasaway e mig tig i tig isang tusok...

Puffer fish or more scientifcally known as Tetraodontidae is a family of primarily marine and estuarine fish. The family includes many familiar species which are variously called puffers, balloonfish, blowfish, bubblefish, globefish, swellfish, toadfish, and toadies. Tama rin pala ako! The fish is highly toxic though in some parts of Asia, this is widely eaten as fugu (in Japan) and as boh-guh (in Korea).

The puffer fish's poison is called Tetrodotoxin, and is one of the most violent poisons found in nature. If the fish has not been prepared correctly with all of its poison removed, the toxins kill the nerve tissue inside the person's body, paralyzing the muscles necessary to breath causing death within about 4 to 6 hours from ingesting. The most poisonous part of the puffer fish is the liver, which is completely removed during preparation.

"The poisonous power of one puffer fish is capable of killing 30 adults"

In Japan, Fugu also has exceptional nutritional value, rich in glutamic acid, inosinic acid and taurine, which makes up the base of the taste. Fugu is high in protein, low in calories and also has a lot of collagen which is important for beautiful skin, making it a real favourite with women.There are around 40 different types of puffer fish, however only 22 of them are deemed by the Japanese government as fit for human consumption. Japan hauls around 1000 tones of Fugu every year between September and March, and it is sold wholesale for about £75 to £200 a kilo and about £50 to £250 per person in a specialized puffer fish restaurant.

You might be asking yourself why exactly would anyone take such a risk in eating Fugu. Well, first of all if the fish is prepared correctly by a licensed restaurant who have staff that have been trained to remove the toxic parts of the fish, there is no risk of actually dying. Secondly, the taste of Fugu is absolutely amazing, with it's subtle and elegant characteristic flavour.

parang yutak...tsalap...malaman laman

In a typical Fugu set menu, the fish is prepared and served in 3 different ways, which are as follows:

Fugu-sashi - Thinly sliced raw flesh and skin.

The raw flesh and skin of the fish is thinly sliced, almost translucent, and has an elastic texture and is slightly chewy to eat. This is regarded as one of the most beautiful types of sashimi, and is served with a sour citrus sauce, chives and grated white radish.

Fugu-chiri - Hot-pot style with vegetables

The fish is cut into pieces and cooked at the table in boiling water with tofu, vegetables (mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, carrot and chrysanthemum leaves), and seaweed. It is cooked for a few minutes then served with a sour citrus sauce, chives and red pepper.

Fugu-zousui - Mixed with rice and eggs

After finishing the Fugi-chiri, salt, rice and egg is added to the rich hot-pot to make a porridge style rice, which is a warm and satisfying way to end the Fugu meal. Fugu is definitely worth the money if you get the chance to eat it, and is best eaten in the winter when it is at its most flavourful. The best place to eat Fugu is Fukuoka Shimonoseki in Japan.



Sabi ng mga Tsahnis swelte law an nambel 8. kaya naman 8 na frames na may ganitong characters ang ilalagay sa bahay. di ko alam ibig sabihin ng mga iyan...pinabili ko lang ang mga 'to sa malaysia sa tropa ko. E mura RM 3.99 ang isa (x PhP 14.00).

I think mga Tsahnis deities ang mga 'to. Sinusuot siguro ng mga Zhawlins...mukhang kwintas e.


Tagaytay RESTOs

Reviews for Taj of Tagaytay...mukhang ok ditong kumaen at medyo mura pa....

Next na may manlibre (hehe) isa suggest ko to,,,

Never been into an authentic Indian resto though but as usual, I crave trying everything...

TAJ OF TAGAYTAY: Great Indian Cuisine 2,500 feet above sea level

Review 1 by torresterdan

The food is excelent, authentic indian. We love their bestseller: mutton biryani, rogan josh and mutton masala. Location is majestic as it has the view of the mountain ridges/ranges, golf courses on the right and the Taal lake and volcano on the left side-unlike other Tagaytay restaurants which only have one side view. It's nearer to Batangas beaches than the rest of the other restaurants. Though haven't tried it, they also have complete spa and hotel rooms. downstairs. Try this establishment, it's worth the trip. If you have a big appetite, order the mutton biryani which is already good for two and also their chicken curry. But this is a very important reminder or tip: order a starter or appetizer like vegetable or chicken samosa while you wait since they prepare their food fresh and cook thier special basmati rice for a minimum of 30-minutes. Before i forget, order their bestseller bread-ROTI CHANAI. I will attest to this specially if you love indian cuisine/delicacies this is one best part of this restaurant. You can smell the aroma as it is being delivered to your table. If you'll originate from Manila, it is about 700 meter after Tagaytay Zoo (half-way point). From Nasugbu, its around 3km after Splendido

Theme: Indian

Price: less than US$10 »

Comparison: about average

Address: 5059 Aguinaldo Highway Laurel, Metro-Tagaytay

Phone: +639198216931/ +63916-9364219

Directions: If you're from Manila, it's about 700 meter after Tagaytay Zoo (half-way point). From Nasugbu, its around 3km after Splendido

Review 2 by virtual tourist

Just having our regular Tagaytay weekend trip & trying to reach farther than we used to go, we tried to reach Splendido further down south when we chanced upon this newly opened indian restaurant called Andanita TAJ of Tagaytay. When we stopped by we were greeted by a very groovy indian music & their welcoming staff said, "Namaste!". Probably a 'welcome' in India. The moment we stepped in inside the restaurant, I instantly craved for food as we smelled the curry and masala sauce-very,very stimulating. Nootime, we ordered right away Rose Milk, Rose Sharbat and Sweet Lassi! Very refreshing. We ordered the bestseller of the house: Roti Chanai, Mutton Biryani, Rogan Josh, Shahi Paneer, and Chicken Curry. Needless to say we were so full after munching all of it as indian foods are heavy and filling.

But we were tempted by the dessert: Gulabjamun & Kulfi (Indian ice cream) so everybody ordered one. The waiter was persuading us to order Gajar Halwa, it is some kind of indian carrot pudding but when the rest of the group heard Carrot as dessert-nobody ordered it except me. But i let everybody tasted some & were quite surprised that they never expected it to be good tasting. By the way it has fresh milk that you pour into it before having a bite. A fellow caucasian customer overheard us & said that if you want to know the authenticity of an indian restaurant, they should have a very good tasting Gajar Halwa. And so-there's the verdict!

By the way, the same waiter who persuaded me to buy the Gajar Halwa was so friendly & talked about the establishment & said TAJ has hotel rooms also downstairs with indian-mediterranean motifs. He was so detailed even as to the names of the rooms. Their presidential room is called 'The Maharashtra Suite' -a huge 75sqm indian themed room. They also have a spa called Green Mountain Spa. I tried their Philippine Hilot & tell you it was one of the best. The view also is fantastic. Food alone, this establishment is already highly recommendable. Try also their rooms & spa. Mutton Biryani, Mutton Masala, Roti Chanai

Theme: Indian

Price: less than US$10 »

Comparison: about average

Address: 5059 Aguinaldo Highway, Laurel Metro-Tagaytay

Phone: +63916-9364219/ +63927-7114247

Directions: From Manila thru SLEX, you use either Santa Rosa or ABI-Greenfield exits & straight to Silang. Once you reached Aguinaldo Hiway, turn right going to Rotunda/Crossing Mendez & you will pass by Tagaytay Zoo.After that it's only a few hundred meters away.


CARLO'S PIZZA: Only two branches in the Philippines (Tagaytay and Baguio SM) as far as I know

Try their Pizza Messicana if you love the kick of jalapeƱo spice or the Quatro Formaggi, their own version of Four-Cheese pizza - a combo of BLUEEE CHEESSE yeah!, parmesan, cheddar and mozarella. Affordable, non-oily, crunchy, thin crust pizza!!!!! Tsalap! Kaso bawal sakin ang sobrang dami. But with its great taste and ultra crunchy bread, I would die if I can't eat a single slice of this...

Their Tagaytay branch overlooks the Taal lake thus it is inviting to eat at their patio during the day. On the other hand, if you are in Baguio, might as well call the resto first to order then have it either delivered at your place or suffer the very slow service. The Baguio branch is atop the SM City Mall. But hey all in all it is worth the wait man!

Theme: Italian

Price: less than US$10 »

Comparison: average

Address: Aguinaldo Highway Laurel, Metro-Tagaytay

Phone: 41204130-707

Directions: If you're from Manila, exit to Sta. Rosa. It's a mere 30 minutes from this exit. The pizza shop is right along Aguinaldo Hiway.

House 3 Progress

11% completed...tagal tagal pa to... last night nag-brainstorm ako mag-isa for the design... too many things to sort out... pero for those who want to buy cheap pero quality products eto suggestions ko... 1. Dapitan Arcade 2. Japan Home 3. Depot Central 4. SM Home Depot 5. Greenhills Shopping Center 6. Antique and vintage shops in Leveriza


Recently, the MF team won the over-all trophy in one of the sports events sponsored by the company. Dahil nanalo kame, D BIG BOSS gave us a treat at FIRELAKE GRILL in Tagaytay. Food was great, though it took them an hour to prepare and to serve. Ang kinaen ko - grilled bass with fetuccine + natirang smoked salmon ni Mam Lyds (hehe) + vanilla ice cream with pineapple + green mango puree + dalandan juice.
Ang dessert...tsalap

Sa malamig....

Talking to the Chef...

D BIG BOSS with Chef.

Joven camery shy...

Tatlong itlog...Ka Toby, Joven at ako (munpeys)

Ka Ely by the lamp (sa Singapore daw yan nabibile...)





Dyepekto ng 6 steroids per day:
me sayad
super man
plakda pagdating ng 10 pm



The oldest house in the compound (samin yun!) is currently being renovated. YAHUUUU. Pic above will be made into a diorama that will be installed at the facade above of our bar upon entry to the house...(of course minus the HP logo).....ASTIG!!!



Yes. I'm sure people would get angry at me. But this is the very first time I DID not VOTE. Well, actually I wanted to vote in Santa Rosa, Laguna but I was in Batangas City thus the "unfortunate" choice of not voting. Plus I have to be with Lil Bro who is recuperating in my house in Batangas (Lord: "O second excuse na yan ah...")

But under normal circumstances, I would have done this:

1. Go to my assigned precinct in our barangay.

2. Put an X to the ballot (or vote for KAPATIRAN candidates); Kung nasa Pamapanga ako I could have voted for Fr. Ed Panlilio.

3. Submit the ballot to the electoral staff.

4. Have my finger "indelibly-inked"

5. Then bumili ng sa malamig na gulamat gata sa kanto ng school.

Frankly, I don't know whom to vote. I didn't even know who the candidates in my town are except that one of the mayoralty candidates is my Lolo (hehe) - well he is the cousin of my grand Dada. His triple heart bypass will surely knock him off once he assumes office.

Though I have just learned that more and more people have opted to not use their right to vote in the recent elections. Why? I have asked my "reliable" and "brave" (hehe) friends to tell their side of the story.

1. BOY ANGST: Ang administrasyon ni Madam ay magchi-heat massively, so why bother? Ang gobyerno gagawa at gagawa ng paraan para makapandaya. 12-0, pano naman mangyayare yun?

2. NINI BUNINI: The candidates have allotted so much financial interest beyond what we have expected of them in their media sorties. Miliions have been spent. Question is where the hell does these millions come from? And bakit di nalang sa mga tao naibigay ang mga milyones na ito?

3. TOTOY TAMBAY: Kung iboboto ko ba sila me mahihita ako? Sigurado ako ala.

4. HI-FLYER MISTER: Ang focus ngayon ng mga pulitiko ay asarin at kritikuhin ang kapwa nila pulitiko. There are many social issues in the country that needs more attention than political bickerings. Buti na lang politics and economic advantage do not go along with each other these days, otherwise we will definitely be slumped even more sa putikan.

5. CONIO PAKITO: I didn't bother to register because I haven't seen any concrete platforms from the candidates on uplifting the health benefits of the marginalized poor and the average-income individuals. Also, the wages of the average-working individuals should be given more interest by the government for they are the frameworks of our society.

These are but some of the simple yet striking statements that my friends have addressed. Valid or invalid, we cannot blame them. People have choices and these are what they want to point out. I just hope that eventually in the process, the young voters would understand the value of voting. YES. I still believe that voting should be valued. It is a right that our forefathers have tremendously fought for.

Although, it is understandable to be pissed off with the candidates this year, hopefully in the next coming years, voting will be not be tainted with zero assurance of good governance and continuous slams of cheat and slanderous phone calls.

Yep, our country is in crisis. With massive street rallies and protest actions, it’s a continuation of a chronic crisis that’s simmered through the years, often going into a turbulent boil as more people become disenchanted with our pseudo-magic kingdom. The danger is that instead of boiling over, our democratic system might just dry up.

Our votes are our investments, our way of showing that despite the abated national reputation (thanks to the President and Mr Garci), we still have enough faith in the system to vote for leaders who can hold the fort, keep democracy going until 2010 and beyond.

Busy busy busy week

Mga nangyari sa nakalipas na araw: 1. Sugod Lil Bro hospital due to shortness of breath. Stayed there from May 6 until May 11. Bro now recovering at my house. Still with regular antibac injections. 2. Aunts and uncles drop by at the hospital and my house irregularly. 3. Nag-paparenovate ng bahay. 4. Nagpa nuclear scan ng kidneys. 5. Nagpalit ng bossing sa planta kaya andameng hand-overs 6. Full of meetings in Pililla and Tabangao refineries.


Alaala sa Isang Ina

This is an excerpt from my unfinished book.

2:30 am, May 8, 2002

Naalimpungatan ako sa mga malalakas na kaluskos sa sala na halos katabi lamang ng bukas kong kwarto. Ginagawa ang bahay namin nuon kaya naman si Nanay at si Papa ay halinhinan sa paghiga sa sira naming sopa at sa malamig na sahig. Nakita kong nasa loob ng bahay ang Lola, si Kad, si Papa, at ang kapatid kong si Eson. Sa sopa, namataan kong nakahiga si Nanay habang habol habol ang kanyang hininga. Nanlilimahid ang suot nitong sirang daster at may mga galos sa kanyang kanang binti. "Bakit?". Yun agad ang lumabas na mga salita sa bibig ko. Ngunit walang sumagot sa kanilang lahat. Pilit pa ring hinahabol ni Nanay ang kanyang hininga habang ang Lola ay tuloy sa pagpapaypay at pagmasahe sa dibdib nito. "Nay ang mga anak ko wag nyong pababayaan..." Natigilan ako. Natulala. "Bakit?" sambit kong muli sa aking sarili. Di ko malaman kung ano ba ang dapat kong gawin. Dali-daling lumabas ang kapatid ko para humanap ng tricycle sa labasan nang madala na ang Nanay sa ospital. Lambot at pikit pa din ang mga mata nang buhatin ni Papa at Kad pasakay sa tricycle ang Nanay. Habang binabagtas namin ang madilim at sukal na daan, pilit kinakausap ni Eson ang Nanay...ngunit wala itong imik habang nakatungkod ang ulo sa balikat ng aking kapatid. Tulala at tahimik naman akong nakaangkas sa likod ng sasakyan.

3:00 am, Sa Ospital Pampubliko ng Santa Rosa

Mabilis ang takbo ng aming sinasakyang tricycle ngunit mabagal at pata ang pakiramdam ko ng mga sandaling iyon. Papasok pa lang sa gate ng ospital ay agad na kaming dumiretso sa ER. Pero sarado ang lintek na pinto kaya naman binuhat pa naming muli si Nanay sa may kalayuan ding kabilang pintuan. Sa dulong bahagi ng kwarto inilagak ang halos lamog na nyang katawan. Wala na siyang malay nang idating namin sa ospital kaya naman CPR ang unang ginawa ng doktor sa kanya. Turok dito, turok doon. Maka-ilang beses ko ring nakita na nilampatan ng karayom ang kanyang braso. Walang tigil din ang pagbomba ng hangin sa kanyang bibig. Sa gitna ng pagsagip sa buhay ng Nanay, sandaling tumigil ang doktor at nag-abot ng maliit na papel. Nakasulat dito ang mga gamot na kailangang ipalit at bilhin habang ginagamot ang Nanay. Gusto kong bigwasan ang doktor na nasa harap ko pero alam kong hindi siya ang dahilan ng kakulangan sa sistema ng ospital. Dali-dali na lang akong humanap ng malapit na botika para mabili na ang mga gamot ni Nanay. Pero sandaang piso lang pala ang laman ang aking pitaka. Di ko rin alam kung may natitira pang laman ang aking ATM. Sa kabutihang palad, may limandaang piso pa. Halos unahan ko ang mga sasakyang kasabayan ko para makarating ng mabilis sa ospital. Natigil lamang ang pagtakbo ko ng marinig ko ang malakas na palahaw mula sa ospital.

Lumakas lalo ang kabog nga aking dibdib. Bumigat rin ang yabag ng aking mga paa patungo sa pintuan ng ospital...Halos magkandarapa na ako sa pagpunta sa kwartong kinalalagakan ng aking ina.

3:41 ng umaga.

Alam kong may sinasabi ang doktor habang ibinibigay ko ang mga gamot sa palad nya ngunit wala akong marinig kundi ang mabagal na pag-ikot ng electric fan sa kisame. Malakas rin ang pintig ng puso ko habang papalapit sa dulong bahagi ng kwartong aking pinasukan. Unti unti, minamanhid na din ng malamig na hangin ang aking pisngi na kanina pa humahampas sa nag-i-isangbukas na bintana.

Nakita ko....si Eson...ang pinakamatatag sa pamilya, mahigpit na nakayakap sa hindi na gumagalaw na katawang nasa ibabaw ng higaan. Tahimik at hukot namang humihikbi sa di kalayuan ang Papa.

Mabagal ang takbo ng oras ng mga sandaling iyon. Wala pa rin akong masyadong marinig. Nang marating ko ang higaan ng aking ina, napagmasdan ko ang kanyang kabuuan - marumi, maraming galos, kulubot ang kanyang mukha sa edad nyang apatnaput tatlo, hindi na humihinga.

"Nay...Nay", gusto kong isiping sasagot siya sa akin.

Kinabig ko ng kinabig ang kanyang mga braso. "Nay gising!" Dumadausdos na pala ang luha sa pisngi ko. "Gising!" sigaw ko habang pilit kong ginagalaw ang pata na nyang katwan pero wala akong nahita. Wala na. Wala na akong Nanay. Wala na ang ritmo ng pamilyang sadlak pa din sa hirap at ni wala pang nararating na ginhawa.

1:00 pm, Sabado, May 13, 2002, Araw ng mga Ina

Malakas ang buhos ng ulan ngayong araw. Marahil nakikiramay ang panahon sa Inang nagbuhos rin ng di matatawarang gabay at kalinga sa kanyang mga anak, asawa at mga kapamilya. Araw nya to. Araw ng mga Ina. Araw nang hindi na muling siya'y makikita pa......


Men's Health Trail Run

5:30 kame dumating...excited. DIET: 0.500 ml of water + oral salt + 4 bananas
bracket ko...
Tulong muna sa pagkabit ng telon...
6:45 am...ang get up na pang die hard hehe...
cge una na ko ah....
starting area....
unang nakarating sa finish line...ng may pulikat hehehe
Romy Garduce...MT Everest Philippine Expedition team...
hiya ako...hehe
Reema Changco...Host - Sports TV

It was one of those days na you wouldn't dare to try again. Gasps one of the runners ,"This is the hardest 9K I have ever ran". Hehe....Aray tsakit pulikat ko...

For sure it was. Premier assaults, rough terrain and scorching heat are some of what is at stake for the penultimate winner of this much-awaited health event.

We arrived in San Mateo a little bit earlier than what we expected. Supposedly, I would go alone but naawa sakin si Stip kaya naman he tagged along to Timberland Hts and sleep at the parking area while I do my trick. It was a great day to run. (LORD: Kala mo lang yon...). As the instructions were given, people lined up at the starting point to hurdle the 9km trail run which was said to be "more exciting & more challenging". Ok cge na simulan na to!!!!

During the first 2km run, the road was concrete, but all are uphill climb. Kala ko matatanggal na ang binti ko...but since the runners kept on going I also didn't stop running the steep ascents. I brought with me a liter of my pre-concocted med oral salt and water. Siguro kaya ako mabagal gawa ng dala ko...(LORD: Mabagal ka lang talaga...). The stretch going to the wilderness was the hardest. Dust and steep off road trails would welcome you as you enter the narrow points of the Timberland hills. That was probably was the farthest and hardest 5 km that I run. The last 2 km became a reality for me. Pinupulikat na ko wahhhhhh...But I tried everything to not mind the struggle. Several people along the my path offered me RUSH (2% sodium vs my meds' 10%) & water...hanef andami pa palang Good Samaritans...One gave me his half-filled RUSH bottle as I tackle the last kilometer. Another gave me a sip from his water bottle when he saw me limping down the final stretch. Around 500 meters to the finish line, a construction worker gave me another bottle of RUSH when I stopped in front of their shaded den.

As I walked thru the last 100 meters, I saw people cheering me up. So kahit na ala na talagang lakas to run, I managed to do some jogging and finished the race with both arms raised. Hehe....2 hours and 22 minutes, that's my official time. Wow, t'was great conquering your own limits. I was actually surprised at myself for finishing that 'more exciting & more challenging course' hehe. But then again, with all the preps I made it was all worth it. Cheers!

Photos courtesy of Stip.


Kaarawan ng Bunsoi

Happy 19th Birthday!

I was drooling at my sent messages when I saw this. My Lil Sis is celebrating her birthday today and I thought of posting this to my blog as a reminder that I can still write a decent letter to her hehe.


Hi Sis.

I wrote this letter a few minutes ago thinking that I should conversed to you more seriously - brother to sister. Well, actually, I just wanted AGAIN to give you a long sermon...hehe. No, honestly, I really need to talk to you about, you know, the family - your kuyas, Papa - and what might be in store for you after all these hardships in life.

When Nanay passed away, we all know that our interdependence to each other needed to become more up-tuned. This is quite difficult for us since we haven't had a single good conversation within our family. Well, between us and Nanay, I know there are several we can site. But for Papa to us, I'm pretty sure there is mere. Unfortunately, Nanay passed earlier than we expected. Life has been boring without her. She constantly revered the importance of fun in the family. An epitome of a good-natured mom that she was, she would often lend hands to people who are in need as we are. She chose to do selfless acts towards people whom she met along her daily routine of selling puto. From the palaboys that she religiously share some of her puto, to Rowena, the teenage orphan, whom she took in for several weeks. She has clearly made her choices. I firmly thought that she won in life inspite of her dying young.

Remember the time when we receive the news that you have cancer? I was devastated that day. We have no money, no Nanay, no any means of saving you from this lethal threat. I pity us. I wanted to curse HIM but I really can't. On that very same day, I thought I NEED TO STOP BEING EMOTIONAL. I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING. I HAVE TO FIND WAYS. Fortunately, I found angels at the Kythe Foundation East Avenue Medical Center. In less than an hour of interview, they immediately advised you for monthly chemotherapy sessions with free medicines and counseling. Though it was hard for me to see you suffering from the after-session treatments, I know that you are stronger than the usual teens. You managed to pursue schooling inspite of your falling hair. You have proven to everyone that YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING like normal students can. And now, as I remember those days when you were ill, I salute you. I am very proud to have such a vibrant and patient sister.

It may be a harsh reality that I needed to be a Kuya. Not that I don't want it to be that way but it's because I do not have a choice...That's what I thought of years ago, before I realized that life is full of choices. Imagine everyday we make hundreds of choices. Everyday we suffer ourselves with decisions that we know we're culpable of regretting after. More often than not, we do like to have wise choices moreso better choices. However we want our plans to be great, several choices has to be made. As kuya, I can be over-protective. Ok I'll change that, I am over-protective. It is my nature to not let others perceive us as siblings who are constantly torn amongst themselves for reasons of inept attitudes or for having minimal parental guidance while growing. Gearing you, and your brothers to the best possible life has been an ultimate pursuit. I would have gone to places to progress my career but I chose to stay. More important than anything else for me is my family - you, Papa and your brothers.

I hope that you will continue striving to be a good nurse. There may be huge, unexpected obstacles as you drift, but I know, easily you can win over anything that blocks your way. Keep your head up high Yi.

Salve up!

Big Bro


Saved by Bananas

Ahhhhh holiday....my friends, Stip and Glenn invited me to play 9-holes with them at the Tabangao Golf Course in Shell. I'm a little bit hesitant initially, the fact that I am too amateur in this sports. Plus Janice's (Glenn's fiance) brother-in-law will also play with us - a French guy named Stefan who's religiously practicing golf since October. Crap...laughing trip 'to...hehe...But then again what the heck...

I started my day waking up at 1am. Why 1 am? I had this stiffening of hands during the night that I thought I was suffering from a mild stroke. Little did I knew that the meds which I was taking for a month now (e.g. steroids + approvel) have effects other than what they should do in my body. Approvel lessens my potassium thereby causing muscle cramps, muscoskeletal pains and increased heart rate (tachycardia)...Hay Buhay...Since I am active and very mobile, the potassium in my body will surely be reduced tremendously. Before, I used to have cramps due to intentional lowering of salts so I have to take in oral rehydration salts and bananas. But now, I think I have to eat BANANAs regularly to keep the level of K within its limits - not too high not too low.

The bananas became my savior last night when all except 3 of my 10 fingers were left moving. Kala ko katapusan ko na. I ended up sleeping at around 4 am. I even told Lil Bro while eating that I think I am having a stroke....Taranta tuloy ang pasyente ko...hehe. Since I do not want him to worry about me, I asked him to transfer to the other room instead of the usual living room area where he was accustomed to sleep. He's also having a hard time sleeping because of his coughs (which eventually stopped when he transferred).

Around 3:30 am the stiffening stopped. Couldn't have survived it without those two pcs of bananas.

9 am. Off to the course. Stefan and Glenn are already waiting at TEE OFF #1. Stip is nowhere to be found. Lashengggggg kase 4 am na natapos sa toma wahahaha.......So no photographers for the day.

Final verdict: