In Memoriam - Julia Campbell

Honesty - this was the topic I was advised to discuss on this morning during our routine team meeting. Immediately, I remembered Julia Campbell and the recent developments of her case. The man who has allegedly killed her went into hiding though finally surrendering and professing what and why he has done such a senseless act.

I was actually in Batad on April 7, 2007, a day after Julia Campbell went missing and was found to be dead. Coincidentally, we also drink a couple of cold soda and rest at the very same restaurant that she stopped. I even went inside the house of the owner, who happens to be the wife of the killer, to have clear shots of the Batad Terraces by their window. Inside was his husband - Juan Duntugan, the self-confessed locale who killed Julia.

Window shots at Duntugan's house

You see Batad is a peaceful barangay of Banawe. You can actually walk alone on the trails without worrying that somebody might drag or do something worse on you. There was even an indie movie last March at the CCP that shows Batad as a thriving barangay (they only had electricity in 2006) which was A rated by the MTRCB.

But with this meaningless act of uncontrolled fit of pique, a worthy life has perished. Duntugan claimed that he lost his mind during the incident. If only he thought of his kids and his family before doing such a pointless crime...if only he looked at the Julia who accidentally bumped him along his path...if only senses were used and not egos...we could have saved someone more worthy of having a longer lease in life.

I was really surprised when Duntugan unperturbedly re-enact what he has done to Julia. It was sickening. Loads of evidence came out - the thick wood he used to make sure the woman is dead, the clothes he wore, the "Daily Bread" book Julia always brought along with her, and her other personal belongings. At once, I was mad at Duntugan but it soon faded. He confessed of the crime and there's nothing much he or we could do about it. Mark Twain once said, "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything". True that he killed the woman. All of us should believe that but motives comes into place. Did he really kill her out of temporary insanity? of sheer mannish ego? Did he not attempt anything immoral on her? These are the bigger questions that continuously looms among us.

I wanted to applaud him for telling the truth and the tale we do not want to hear about, but we can never return the life of a Peace Corps volunteer who shared her soul to distant Filipinos in need. I wanted to be calm after his surrender to the authorities yet I was sickened of the simple reason why he has done such a pointless crime.

To Duntugan, I value the honesty. As human, I still condemn the crime you have ruffly committed. My prayers though are with your family.

To Julia, my prayers are with you as well. Hopeful you'll find eternal peace.


KAD - That's what I used to call him, short for "Kuya Delwin". I don't know of anyone else named as such except him. Kinda weird name actually. I know several friends named Delvin or Devlin but no Delwins. I tried to ask Lola about it but again she doesn't remember how and why they call him as such. What a parent hehe...Lola talaga.

Anyways, he's my only uncle on my mom's side. Imagine having 7 sisters beside you? Man that's ear-deafening and suicidal. Hehe. If you want to ask the million dollar question if he became a real man...well somewhat yeah...just kidding...but yes KAD managed to be a real man. He's got a kid now and a loving wife. Though at a very meager income from his daily tricycle round-ups in the barangay, he makes it a point to buy GIN este food to feed his family.

Well, it's his day today...HYPER BERTDEY!!! Chicharon bulaklak na to! Hehe


Shake a Tail Feather - Ray Charles Soul Man - Blues Brothers Half Crazy -Freestyle All Because of You - Ne Yo Stay - Ne Yo


Whatever You Do

Dear Lord, today we offer to You our praise. We thank You for the great measure of Your love and for the redemptive power of Your grace. Be pleased in Your mercy to come to every one of us just now, as we come before You, and find in You what nothing in this world can give: redemption from our sin, peace that cannot be taken away, and hope that is unashamed and unafraid.

In Jesus' Wonderful Name, Amen.

I woke up at 5:20 am due to an SMS routed from UAE. It was from a good friend. If only mornings could always be like this. (",)

My routinary job these days is to check on Lil Bro who presently occupies and will most likely temporarily rent the sofa at the living room. Well, he's good today. No fever, no vomits, no coughs. It is probably one of those days that anybody could want. A very early foreign SMS, a peaceful patient, and a pouring rain.

Since it is quite early, I bought some of Lil Bro's multivits in downtown before I dished out a hot arrozcaldo along libjo market. 'Cooked 2 boiled eggs & rice, and prepared his choc porridge I ordered from the club.

I was sitting by the dinner table as I flipped one of the old Sunday Inquirer magazines. I was instanlty glued to the half-paged column entitled "Whatever You Do". Dr. Harold Sala was the author. He focused on Proverbs 16:3 that says " Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed". This hits me big time! Whatever we do includes everything we do and nothing is exempted. It is clear that whatever we do is a reflection on HIM who called us to serve HIM, and when we do less than our best, we dishonor HIM. It is actually hard for me to understand why all things happen in ways which we least expect them to be. Most of the time, my temperament soars high for situations that I would not want to be involved in. But lo and behold, Murphy's Law, if something will happen, it will happen.

Being gibberish in life is simple. But living the life at par with the norm is far off from my path. Though little by little, I am finding ways to mend old wounds, sort out previous pseudo-charlatan stance and convey more positive (and normal for this matter) outlook in life. After all, when you live a life of integrity, your example is going to run counter to your accustomed lifestyle.

This brings me back to where I started. Giving thanks to HIM ispite of things that happened the wrong way. Surely, there will be more than nth times that GOD will share his random blessings at the least expected time. Hopefully, I can continue leading myself to the path that HE has long created.



On May 5 & 6, I will be engorging myself into two equally gruelling sports activities. PURPOSE: To test self-endurance towards becoming the penultimate demi-GOD hehehe

Need to have a solid plan on this. May 5 is the Diversity and Inclusiveness Sportsfest - an internal corporate sports event which I was invited to participate in. Sa badminton daw ako kasali. I might end up finishing it by 6 pm thus I gotta sleep over to one of my buddies' house in Manila in time for : May 6 which is the Men's Health trail run. Registration starts at 6 am wahhhhhh kulang sa logtu. Have to register by that time to enter the race by 7 am. Let's just hope I can still walk after these 2 challenges.

To give you a hint of how the trail run will commence, I have copied the course instructions para makihati kayo sa delubyong papasukin ko. Hehe

Course Description: Approximately 9 km. The route is a mixture of dirt, gravel, and singletrack trails. The course features a lot of climbing, but most of all, some spectacular views. Suggested Equipment: Trail running shoes, quick-dry clothing, hydration packs (although there will be at least 2 water stations), caps, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Race: All participants will be released at the same time, regardless of category. The route will be marked using flags, bunting, and banners. Directional and timing marshals will also be placed along the route.

O cge gudlak na lang saken.

First time joiner in trail run: 300 pesos

Badminton rep for MF: libre...

Becoming a pseudo demi-God (",): priceless....


Haba Birdie Mundo

My 10 centavo worth of contribution to lessen Earth's growing health risks:

ON SELF: Stopped smoking circa 2002; Lil Bro stopped for a while; 2nd Bro now smokes occassionally; Papa totally stopped.

ON USING CARS: Walks to and from work once a week and to the badminton court which is around half a km away.

ON THE JOB: Executed a report on Jathropa (Tubang Bakod) and Moringa plants as ecologically sustainable sources in developing new forms of bio diesel in preparation for the 1% CME blend (as mandated by Congress) which translates to about 40 million liters of displaced imported diesel or foreign exchange savings of approximately Php 1.1 billion (or USD 22 million).

Jatropha Curcas is a non-edible plant that grows mostly in tropical countries like the Philippines and thus will not in any way affect the supply of food for the country. Jatropha Curcas is resistant to drought and can easily be planted or propagated through seeds or cuttings. It starts producing seeds within 14 months, but reaches its maximum productivity level after 4-5 years. The plant remains useful for around 30-40 years. As potential source for biodiesel, the Jatropha plant can produce an oil content of 55-60%, depending on the quality of the soil where it is planted. Its seeds yield an annual equivalent of 0.75 to 2 tons of biodiesel per hectare. The use of jatropha on the village level is also a possible application, and government is considering using jatropha to fire cooking stoves. Jatropha’s “village-level production potential” refers to the process where the community could extract jatropha fuel without esterification, and directly use this extracted fuel oil to fire cooking stoves. The development of such an extraction technology, however, has yet to be assessed. Further study is also being done on this process and its impacts on health, including the toxicity of its emission.
ON SELF ULE (kajologsan):
  • Nakaschedule ang goli pag taglameg hehe...
  • Calamansi nalang ang DEO ko kaso ang hapde nampitso...
  • Side A at Side B ang blip para makatipid sa TIDE. (",)


  • Nililiguan si San Chai (pangalan ng oto ko) every two months (LORD: Me epeks ba yun kay Earth?)...... para po makatipid sa tubig...(LORD: Ahhhhhh...me excuse ka na naman...)
  • Di gumagamit ng harmful substance na panlinis sa oto (LORD: La ka lang pambile!)
  • At regular na nag tse change oil, palaging nitsetsek ang tambutso at mahilig magpakulot este mahilig magpalinis ng air-con.


Sa Aming Bunsoy

Harsh sometimes I am on you,
Lest you become as others perceived
for tranquil awe riddled our eyes,
provided He for long a lass.

Think every scent of charm
in whistling plume of thime
red rose kindled innate
truly of what adorns your name

heavens clapped, we had joys
you rose of Gonzalodos
pure, simple...tamed, adored.

be good as She once told you
be strong as He was to you
be patient unlike me
be nurtured, quest for bliss.

For Lil Sis......

Lola Rushed

My Bro called me up late this evening to inform me that Lola was rushed to the hospital. She was vomiting heavily probably due to the "tulya" she ate during dinner. But she's now stable according to Bro. Hay Lola, next time don't eat "tuls". Mahina na panunaw powers ng tyan mo. Talo mo pa naman si Pacquiao pag tumira ng tulya...

Ginawa na lang kita ng tula para maalala mo ang mga tulya na nikain mo kanina. Ok lend me your ears Lola.

"O tulya, o tulya, bakit ka nilamon ni Lola?"

Masarap bang pagtripan ang tyan ni Virginia?

O Lola, O lola, bakit mu niubos ang tulya?

Next time 'wag na huh, para ang belbel de madesgrasya. BOW"

Photo courtesy of google.


Pacquiao Namakyaw

Panalo na naman si Pareng Manny. Me panibagong kanto na naman sa mukha nya hehehe. Sangkatutak na naman ang 'product endorsements' at malamang sangkaterba na din ang salapi nya...sana lang di siya matulad sa ibang mga boksingero na nawala sa ere at bumagsak. Syempre nag-reasearch ako kung gaano na ba kasikat itong si Manny (LORD: The CORRESPONDENT ata tong segment na to ah?) Aba'y may humigit kumulang 16 na produkto ang nasa kanyang sinturon ngayon, daig pa ang mga naglalakihang artista at celebrities sa Pilipinas. Ilan sa mga ito ay ang mga sumusunod: Sa loob ng 5 taon, lang beses na din nyang nakopo ang boxing belt laban sa mga pinakakamagaling sa kanyang division. E manalo naman kaya si Pacquaio sa pagkandidatura niya sa Kongreso? Kalaban ni Manny sa pagiging congressman ng genseral Santos City si Darlene Antonino-Custodio, ang ninang niya sa kasal. Tinaong ko si Manny kung ano nga ba ang kanyang palagay sa nalalapit niyang pakikipagtunggali sa laranagn ng pulitika. PASOK!!!!

UTOY: Manny, How are you lately?

Manny: Lately, it's veen strezful. You know. Absolutely stressful. But sometimes good. Even though it's bad, things are good. Thank you.

UTOY: Ano daw? Ah Manny, tingin mo mananalo ka ngayong eleksyon?

Manny: Ah sa ngayon deko pa masyadong umaaasa ba...thanks GOD na lang from the bottom op my heart pag nanalo sa laban nato. Para sa inyo ang laban nato. Deko kayo iiwan, kahit san man ang...

UTOY: teka Manny, kumakanta ka na...O cge gudlak nalang sa imo ah! Back to you Mel.


Summer na sa Pinas!

At last, summer na yahuuuu. Hulaan kung saan-saan ang mga lugar na to sa Pilipinas na pwede nyong puntahan this zum'mer. Tara na, sakay na! Ang mananalo magtuturok ng gamot sa kapatid ko ngayong summer. (LORD: Parang merong isang batang takot sa karayom...)


Utol Awin II

Thanks to those who visited lil bro at RM 411, Golden Gate Hospital:

1. Ka Dante Cabrito - thanks sa pizza, iced tea and coke. Tsalap!
2. Tita Med and Kuya Ed - sa pongkan at mantsanas. health conscious talaga.
3. Lil sis - sa suporta at sa pagdadala ng napakarameng labahin galing sa dorm. nampitso.

4. also to Titas Cherry, Annie, Vi, Kuya Delwin, Sanpit Pam, Big bro and the rest of the gang (aka Misay & fam, Shell posse, tsalamat sa prayers. It was appreciated.

5. Ate Jho and a couple of buddies from NL Villa Hospital will also come over later. Advance TYs people. P.S.
Doc told us that on Monday we can get out of the hospital and continue injections everyday for 6 long months. No more puyats for UTOY....

Utol Awin

It's 5 am again and I need to hurry up to send the spit samples of my bro to another hospital for sputum testing. Need to do this for three consecutive days as requested by the doctor. I can't say that my bro is improving but he's tough I know. When we saw his almost nothing lungs as Xray-ed, he jut bantered, "Wow, Parang wala na kong baga, pero Doc I'm pretty sure gagaleng ako". Tsk tsk tk. Little bro talaga. 4 time na syang na diagnose of this disease. I hope this time he'll learn from it.

I suggested the ff to him:
1. No cigs 2. No alaks 3. No puyats 4. Putol long hair - hehe...Patayan to pag ginawa ko to....


Ang Dasal ng Taong Walang Diyos

Tulo uhog ko dito kuya batjay...galeng...epektib..


Ever experienced a laugh with your grannie na di nya alam na siya ang nipagtatawanan? You know Lola is 73 years old and has hearing challenges. There are times that I literally need to shout at her, with her replying "Ha anu kamo?", "Sino", "ahhhh". But she's cool kahit bingengot na nga. She still swims backstroke, nag-bi-bingo hanggang 6 pm, and is always excited to talk to my aunts on cellphones. Alaws pakialam kahit maubusan ka ng load! Nampitso! Pero pag tulog, lakas humilik talo pa si Tyson sa garalgal ng boses....

Inipon ko ang mga ampogetabol dayalogs ng Lola para sa inyong pleasure...

UTOY: Lola, andun sa lababo ang isda... LOLA: "Napisa sa tsubibo? Sino"

UTOY: Si tita nasa cellphone...LOLA:"Sino kinapon?"

UTOY: Lola yung sinaing daw sumusubo na... LOLA: "Hoy patayin nyo! nasan ang uod sa sahig?" Wahahaha...


Karir sa Isports

Got three adventure races that I will be joining this year. First off is the Tour of the Fireflies - an event that boosts the use of bikes instead of belching mobiles to have clean air. Next is the Men's Health Trail Races, a series of run and bike catered for the adventure seekers. The event is open for all including women hehe. Last is the AXN Amazing Mall Race. I am partnering with Dennis, my friend from Lipa who happens to be a kidney patient also. Sana matapos namen ang 6 grueling hours of shopping...


Being Kuya

I have three treasured siblings, UTOLs Eson, Awin & Eyi. You can say that all the three of us share compassion with each other. But in life, there's a moment that you are obliged to firmly cling on to each other for a sibling's sake.
We have suffered the toughest of times, but this year might probably again hit us high. My Dad is undergoing twice-a-week dialysis, I will be operated for a kidney transplant, and Awin is currently in the hospital due to a probable pTB.
My two other siblings had their share of lows - Eson's lungs almost burst due to early exposure in smoking and Eyi was diagnosed with lymphoma back in the year 2000. The same year when my Mom died of heart attack. That was Mother's Day.
Inspite of these tests, I still am hoping that everything will be fine. That GOD is still there to comfort us in times of need. I AM STILL HOPING...I AM...


Awin Utol: Kuya, tsaket dibdib ko...

UTOY: Ganun? Ikaw naman ngaun? Tara sa Batangas dun na kaw pagamot..

After 1.5 hours of travel from Starosa,

Nurse: Anu nanyare jan?

UTOY: Napatae sa salawal. Joke. E Tsaket daw po debdeb.

Nurse: Tsaktsakin na to...

Awin Utol: Huwaaattt?

Nurse: Tsaktsakan na ng swero 'to.


Easter Sunday!!!

From Sagada we headed to Halsema Hi-way going to Baguio City. The road has improved a lot since 2002. It took us only 6 hours with a stopover in Buguias, Benguet for lunch.

White Saturday. Easter Eve.

I have attended several dozens of religious ceremonies but in Sagada, I was very much overwhelmed. Maybe this is an understatement but really, I never felt so intimate with the Lord in my whole life. Siguro ito na yung turning point ng buhay mo na there is something lacking within you that only HE can provide.

Sinadya ba ni Lord na pumunta ako ng ganito kalayo para lang ma-realize ko na I am still part of HIS great plans?

Teka, umiiyak ba ako? Di ko namamalayan pero umiiyak nga ako...

I didn't know that I was crying on my seat even before the mass has started. It took me 3 seat transfers and 30 long minutes bago ko na-contain ang sarili ko. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako umiiyak...Wala namang masaket sa kin pero diretso pa din ang iyak ko...Then I thought...May DIYOS nga...alam ko katabi ko siya habang umiiyak ako...habang iniisip ko kung paano maiibsan nang kahit konti lang ang mga problema namin sa buhay...

Ngayon alam ko may DIYOS nga...mayroon akong DIYOS...

Ezekiel 34:24-31 A new LIFE and a new SPIRIT

24 I, the LORD, will be their God, and my servant David shall be prince among them. I, the LORD, have spoken. 25 I will make a covenant of peace with them, and rid the country of ravenous beasts, that they may dwell securely in the desert and sleep in the forests. 26 I will place them about my hill, sending rain in due season, rains that shall be a blessing to them. 27 The trees of the field shall bear their fruits, and the land its crops, and they shall dwell securely on their own soil. Thus they shall know that I am the LORD when I break the bonds of their yoke and free them from the power of those who enslaved them. 28 They shall no longer be despoiled by the nations or devoured by beasts of the earth, but shall dwell secure, with no one to frighten hem. 29 I will prepare for them peaceful fields for planting; they shall no longer be carried off by famine in the land, or bear the reproaches of the nations. 30 Thus they shall know that I, the LORD, am their God, and they are my people, the house of Israel, says the Lord GOD. 31 (You, my sheep, you are the sheep of my pasture, and I am your God, says the Lord GOD.)

Black Saturday...Bagong Tropa

This is Ryan and Theo. Kasama namen sila sa Banawe hangang Batad hangang magkitakita padin kame sa Sagada.

Mga nakakaaliw na banat ni Ryan,
"Kuya Gel taga-Munti po kame!"
"Kuya Gel, Kuya Gel, anim na gelplens ko.." "Tignan mo yung plaka namen Kuya Gel, pula" "Kagabe sinipa ko yung aso, tinajakan ko, tapos nisuntok ko yung aso. Tumatahol e"

Black Saturday...Pangunguweba (Spelunking)

The Guide

The Spelunkers

The Magic Lampara

The Paas

Good Friday...Sagada

Kakaiba ang pakiramdam ko pag-akyat pa lang namin sa Sagada. Hindi ko alam kung bakit.

This will be my second time in the town but I still am hoping to visit the Anglican Church perched at its center. It was already dark when we reached our destination yet pumped up pa din si AKO probably due to the steroids I am taking. Even if all of the guys are battered from the long drive, I asked them if we could dine at the Yoghurt Haus and let Mr. Jason Well try their special chix curry and of course, their famed yoghurt.

Pagkatapos mag-goli ng lahat (except ako hehe), straight ahead kame sa YH. Buti nalang nakaabot pa kame sa LAST SUPPER. We're the last table to be served. Ang cute talagang dumiskarte ni GOD, saktong sakto parang Sprite este Pop pala. (LORD: Parang me nagpapalakas sa kin sa tabe tabe...)

Mushroom and Pasta ang tinira ko plus some white bread. Tsampion na din for P120.00. Kaya para sa Yoghurt House, 4 stars for the food, serving and the ambiance. 4 laang kasi taob na daw ang lahat yoghurt nila nung gabeng yun. Nampitso!

Good Friday

Sacrifice, that is the best word to describe what I had to endure this day. UTOY went to Batad, Banawe to check out another World Heritage Unesco site. Sabi nila this is a unique rice terraces because of its amphitheater- shaped structure. Yunik na ba yun? (LORD: O wag ng mang-asar...Good Friday ngayon).

Since the road is a bit rough, we opted to take a jeepney ride that took us about an hour from Banawe proper (with P1,800.00 damage). Aba'y sulet na din, akalain nyo 'bang pagkadulas at pagkapanget ng daan. For sure, masa shock ang shox mo.

There are not a lot of tourists in Batad. Probably, I've seen 40-50 pax, mostly adventure trekkers. Lam nyo ba kung baket? (LORD: Baket?). Nampitso. I wasn't told that before you can see the actual terraces and the falls itself, you have to walk more than 4,000 staircases back and forth. Grueling but true! Ergo, oral rehydration salts to the rescue!

God must have been watching while I was about to do the trek. Ciguro sabi nya, "Hoy UTOY, since it is Good Friday naman at andiyan ka na sa Batad, can you please pray while walking and share a little piece of yourself to GOD?". Si Lord nangongonsensya na naman...e matatanggihan ba kita? Ok let's go!

Pagkatapos ng napakahabbbbbbang lakad....


1. GOD walked with me. (PROOF: Zero cramps for UTOY for the first time. Two of the guys had it. )

2. Reached Batad terraces and the falls.

3. First to reach entry point. (LORD: Astig!...Sabi ko sayo "Just Dream, Believe, Survive)


Maundy Thursday

I am spending my Holy Week here at the North. As of today, I have visited only one (1) church - San Jose Church in San Jose, Nueva Ecija. So I need to visit six (6) more tomorrow til the rest of the week....Hopefully matapos ko or else bad shot na naman ako kay Lord.

P.S. Emer drove from Batangas City to San Jose, Nueva Ecija. I did the San Jose to Banawe route. Twas a gruelling up-mountain climb for several hours. Of course, kailangang chumibog ni UTOY kaya nag stop over kame sa Noodle Station sa Bagabag which is a town after Solano, NE. Champion ang pagkain dito eyspeysyali yung Pancit Cabagan. Kakabagan ka talaga sa rapsa. Plus me pres buko pa. 5 points para sa putaheng ito. Hehe.

Ang hirap talaga ng tumitira ng steroids anlakas kong lumamon ngayon. But I still try to control myself. Sayang naman ang 6 whopping lbs na nawala sa kin ng 3 wks. Hopefully, gumaling na ko sa tama ko...TY Lord!


Holy Wednesday

My sister and I went to Carmel Church in Lipa City to check for the schedule of Healing Masses. Recently kasi, the family has been hampered with lots of trials kaya si Eyi at si ako went to this famed church. We didn't see any schedule but the church folks told us that every Saturday there is a Healing Mass. I just want to check it out and see for myself what really is happening in that particular mass.

Taka kasi ko kung merong pa din yung kusang natutumba kapag pinendong ni Pader sa noo...joke lang po Lord.

Cge the next time I go to Carmel, I'll make sure it is on a Saturday.


Semana Santa

Semana Santa (or Holy Week) started April 1, 2007. This time, Palm Sunday fell on April Fool's Day. I was listening to the radio a day before when I found out that indeed it falls on April Fool's Day. Weird but true. Hopefully everyone will realize that foolishness and holiness are not for mixing.

I bought our palaspas (palm) at the Lipa Cathedral, Lipa City where vendors are still starting to weave their products. A bunch would cost you only Php 15.00. I promised to attend the Palm Sunday Mass early in the morning with Papa in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna.

Palm Sunday 6:00 am. Papa and my younger brother left without me. As usual I woke up late. With this, I then promised to attend the church services in Batangas City (where I work at) on an early Holy Monday.

Holy Monday I overslept. In fact, I was also late to work. Exactly 15 minutes passed 8 am. God I needed to pick up my broken promises!.

Holy Tuesday I didn't promise anything the night before for I know I will again get up late.


I needed God these days. My bluntness in narration is the same as to what I am feeling right now. And with these broken promises, I know HE is not happy. My FAITH on HIM has deeply lessened when I was struck with a lot of problems, I almost surrendered. I even asked HIM oftentimes, WHY?.

This changed when two friends of mine walked with me one night. I have relentlessly narrated to them the hardships that I was at. When I mentioned how I asked GOD why would HE do all these things to me and my family, they stopped me. My friend then talked about how he and his wife hurdled the deaths of his father, his mother and his brother all in the same year. He said he didn't even thought of giving up nor cursing GOD. In fact he even thanked HIM for his loved ones will at last be peacefully re-united with HIM. Never was there a time that he thought it was HIS wrath. Rather he continued to see it as a test which he, and only he, can pull through.

I was taken aback. I felt ashamed of myself. That same night, I thanked HIM for bringing me friends who have personified HIS teachings in all HIS glory. I am hoping I could be as strong as these people. As faithful and as beloved like GOD wants us to be. I know GOD can make a way. Now, my FAITH is slowly keeping its pace, hoping to reconcile with who was then my only resort - HIM.

Photo courtesy of google

2007 Philippine Blog Awards

This inspires me to cling on to my blogs... From INQ.7.net

The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards was opened "to all Filipino bloggers who have full ownership of their blogs" but exclused "blogs belonging to blog networks or corporate blogs cannot be included because of ownership rights." The awards sought to "pay homage to 'grassroots bloggers' who have built up their blogs from their own efforts."

The final list of similarly outstanding bloggers follows: * Best Personal Blog: Misteryosa

* Best Home & Living Blog: Wifely Steps

* Best Socio-Political Blog: Philippine Commentary

* Best News & Media Blog: Inside PCIJ

* Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux

* Podcast of the Year: HappySlip

* Best Technology Blog: Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments

* Best Business/Entrepreneur Blog: Reflections of a BizDrivenLife

* Best Entertainment Blog: Retzwerx

* Best Sports & Recreation Blog: Who rides a Vespa?

* Best Travel Blog: Ivan About Town

* PhotoBlog of the Year: SeƱor Enrique: Wish You Were Here

Special Awards winners follow: * Best Blog Design: Far from Neutral Notions

* Best Free Custom Theme: Blu3zin3

* Best Plugin/Extension: iPap

* Best OFW Blog: Kwentong Tambay

* Bloggers’ Choice Awards: MarketManila

Globe Broadband Awards were likewise conferred: * Blog Achievement Award: The Mommy Journals

* Pinoy Ako Blog Award: http://ederic.tinig.com/

* Family Blog Award: About My Recovery

* Blogirl Award: Well Whatever

* Deliblog Award: Dessert Comes First