Hope that my wife will be happy with me. I know that I have made several life choices which I werent feel proud of...the best choice I did was to marry and be with her.

Day 10

Closely going there. A lot things are happening, too much stress over health and over work. Sometimes I would like to feel that I own myself but really I cannot. And forever I will not.



Scourge ka ng universe ko. Sana maglaho kang parang jebs sa kubeta. Kaso para kang si McArthur pabalek balek...nakngteteng. Sana nga matuloy ka dun sa gusto mung puntahan para ala ng tinik sa opis.

Counting Days - Day 1

Usually I count days either for my parents, or for my siblings...I guess its my time. I was diagnosed with Acute Gloemrulonephritis back in 2000. Now its worsening close to kidney failure. Our genes really suck up - big time. But I cant blame anyone not even God on this, lest worry on what may happen in next coming months. Im trying to be positive together with my other half. Im more than happy to be with her especially in these moments when you needed her the most. Im wishing that all will be good as soon as plans work out. For now, prayers and more prayers will be enough to fortify my increasing will.