Being Generous

I remember my first picture in Bacolod City was in front of its Cathedral. Then only four, I used to go here with my Mom and Aunt Gamay to attend mass. After 24 long years, the cathedral hasn't changed a bit except for a new stall of religious artifacts that hardly affected the infamous Neo-Roman arch design of this landmark.
But what caught my attention more are its pseudo-dwellers...on a dilapidated trolley a disabled beggar is asking for alms, two kids are glumly asleep on a makeshift table beneath Virgin Mary's statue, & several young women are begging with one holding her infant brother. In a city known for its endless, contagious smiles, one cannot argue that smiles are nowhere near these people. Giving them alms is far from bringing them complete joy. If there was only a perfect world, no one will be left with no one to care...nobody would ask people for a coin or two...no child will be sleeping on cold pavements with empty stomaches then waking up still sans anything to eat...
But all these are planned. HE knows what HE is doing because HE knows everyone's fate. What HE is asking for is, for us to be generous without expecting any reward in return. Giving ourselves completely in almsgiving, in works of mercy, without looking for compensation. Charity does not seek for repayment. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful. We have to sow without yearning for immediate fruits. The Lord teaches us to give without measure, without any calculation of reward. Then we will receive in abundance.



~ 170 lbs. XXL ang size ng mukha. pati sunglass matsikip. pawisan pati singit...goodbye old days

Meteor Garden

Dis poto is brot to you by Aling Mameng's salompas, ang may init na walastik!
And Totoy's DYODORANT, pag idinikit tanggal anghit!

The Return of the Comeback

After my surgeon told me that I needed to wait before I handed over my virginal body (hehe) unto him, all the angels and the saints (+ some friend imps) leaped with me in total grats ala kermit. The temporary verdict was given to me - No Ops until Single Digit Kidney Function. Twas unexpected. Immense happiness was an understatement. Although just an interim, this is probably the best news I've ever received, better than having my girl Lana Lang by my bedside...ahhh probably not...probably the best news but not better than being with Lana Lang. I correct myself. Shouldering the stress of thinking everyday of your disease is totally draining, that after a week of savoring the great news, I:

  • Went to Bacolod to see my cuzs after 19 long years.
  • Ate my heart out in Carlo's Pizza. That Messicana was a blast!!!!
  • Visited my god kid in Singapore who cried the moment she saw me.
  • Treated myself with a 2-day VL
Relief. Relief. Relief. Haaahhh...Such a relief. Thanks to the great One above. I'll see you when I see you...