Psychosomatic Life of a Mandrake: A Definition

A mandrake, or mandragora, is a plant with roots in the form of a humanoid which pass through several developmental stages before reaching full maturity. Their properties make them useful during Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to concoct a potion to revive those who had been petrified by the basilisk; Professor Sprout is in charge of them, and has her classes repot them as they grow. Since the cry of the mature mandrake is fatal (immature mandrakes will only knock a person out), the classes are obliged to wear earmuffs. I compared myself to that of a mandrake for I get crazy when my turf is pried. I can make people laugh when needed. Sometimes cry with friends if things don't turn out well. Probably because I've gone to the different phases of life, that's why I am more mature in deciding on matters of the family, cautious enough to think first before walking on a different trail, & more apprehensive to factors which may gravely affect myself, friends and loved ones. My life as a psychosomatic is a juxtaposition of me as a professional and the other half as a family man. I get nasty when these two collide - close to killing myself. Haha. But I'm still here. And you will see more of me here in this Psychosomatic Life of a Mandrake.

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