1) My boss recognized my initiative....at last! With matching shoutouts to the rest of the refinery leadership team. YAHU!!!

From: Pagsinohin, Jun A PSPC-DFP/6514

Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 4:36 PM

To: Pama, Mike N PSPC-MFD/2; Gonzalodo, Gel DLR PSPC-DFP/6514CCc: Castueras, Andrew PSPC-EM; Conchada, Mario B PSPC-EMS/31; Hopmans, John PSPC-MFO; Alivio, Rebecca A PSPC-DMA/5_MF; Ramos, Marc Ocampo PSPC-MFD/5; Tuvida, Art PSPC-EMR; Brandares, Brandy PSPC-MFD; Alivio, Rebecca A PSPC-DMA/5_MF; Arias, Paulo N PSPC-MFH; Castueras, Andrew PSPC-EM; Dela Cruz, Lydia M PSPC-DSA/42; Espina, Jun S PSPC-EA/4T; Guieb, Roland D PSPC-MFH; Hopmans, John PSPC-MFO; Pingul, Bing C PSPC-DFM/14

Subject: RE: IMPT: Sieving Machines for SD

OK, we will inform CR Asia not to send anymore their sieving machines. Excellent initiative Gel. I think this can still qualify in the Bright Ideas !

2) My initiative saved USD ++45 K ~ PhP 2.5 M. Mind you I do not have a cut here. How I wish$$$!!!!

3) Four (4) out of my four (4) contract strategies passed the approval of the Local Tender Board. Peanuts...

4) I tried to charge Php 1,186.35 business calls to the company. It was also approved!

5) I read the morning meeting's highlights. Really funny!

From: Pastrano, Maimai P PSPC-MFD/43

Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 2:59 PM

To: GX SCIP All TAB Morning Meeting Distribution List

Subject: Morning Meeting Highlights - 23 Jan


1. Safety Moment: Do not sleep while driving, you might crash into a tree, turn your car into a wreck and get serious injuries.

2. City service personnel at the guesthouse was carrying a bag of left over food with her right hand which she will dispose when a stray cat pounced on her and bit her index finger. Safety officer to ensure that she is given the necessary vaccines.

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