Quotable Quotes

"Nooooo... that's not my perception Ma'am, it's your perception"...Me to Bing (Finance Manager) during a one-hour session yesterday afternoon. Amazingly, it ended well.

"Ang hirap naman ng trabahong 'to" Me to Jun (my Boss) just this morning.

"....it's nt ur fault" Me txting Sis for her absenteeism in nursing major due to her sicknesses.

"Bataan Refinery is at the FAR north of the Philippines but it is NEAR (Batangas)". Me to John Ghetti, our contractor in the E125 external clean up. After what I said, I heard Mike Burnett chuckled. Hehe

"Huwaaattttt?" Again Me to Sis upon hearing that she'll be assigned in Manila every after two weeks. Damage is 600 per day 'side from the baun she gets from me + the apartment she rents in Lipa.

"Mamamatay na ata ako" Me to murmuring to Maimai along the 2nd floor corridor

"DA_N this life!!!" Me to Me. Just now.

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