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My 10 centavo worth of contribution to lessen Earth's growing health risks:

ON SELF: Stopped smoking circa 2002; Lil Bro stopped for a while; 2nd Bro now smokes occassionally; Papa totally stopped.

ON USING CARS: Walks to and from work once a week and to the badminton court which is around half a km away.

ON THE JOB: Executed a report on Jathropa (Tubang Bakod) and Moringa plants as ecologically sustainable sources in developing new forms of bio diesel in preparation for the 1% CME blend (as mandated by Congress) which translates to about 40 million liters of displaced imported diesel or foreign exchange savings of approximately Php 1.1 billion (or USD 22 million).

Jatropha Curcas is a non-edible plant that grows mostly in tropical countries like the Philippines and thus will not in any way affect the supply of food for the country. Jatropha Curcas is resistant to drought and can easily be planted or propagated through seeds or cuttings. It starts producing seeds within 14 months, but reaches its maximum productivity level after 4-5 years. The plant remains useful for around 30-40 years. As potential source for biodiesel, the Jatropha plant can produce an oil content of 55-60%, depending on the quality of the soil where it is planted. Its seeds yield an annual equivalent of 0.75 to 2 tons of biodiesel per hectare. The use of jatropha on the village level is also a possible application, and government is considering using jatropha to fire cooking stoves. Jatropha’s “village-level production potential” refers to the process where the community could extract jatropha fuel without esterification, and directly use this extracted fuel oil to fire cooking stoves. The development of such an extraction technology, however, has yet to be assessed. Further study is also being done on this process and its impacts on health, including the toxicity of its emission.
ON SELF ULE (kajologsan):
  • Nakaschedule ang goli pag taglameg hehe...
  • Calamansi nalang ang DEO ko kaso ang hapde nampitso...
  • Side A at Side B ang blip para makatipid sa TIDE. (",)


  • Nililiguan si San Chai (pangalan ng oto ko) every two months (LORD: Me epeks ba yun kay Earth?)...... para po makatipid sa tubig...(LORD: Ahhhhhh...me excuse ka na naman...)
  • Di gumagamit ng harmful substance na panlinis sa oto (LORD: La ka lang pambile!)
  • At regular na nag tse change oil, palaging nitsetsek ang tambutso at mahilig magpakulot este mahilig magpalinis ng air-con.

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