KAD - That's what I used to call him, short for "Kuya Delwin". I don't know of anyone else named as such except him. Kinda weird name actually. I know several friends named Delvin or Devlin but no Delwins. I tried to ask Lola about it but again she doesn't remember how and why they call him as such. What a parent hehe...Lola talaga.

Anyways, he's my only uncle on my mom's side. Imagine having 7 sisters beside you? Man that's ear-deafening and suicidal. Hehe. If you want to ask the million dollar question if he became a real man...well somewhat yeah...just kidding...but yes KAD managed to be a real man. He's got a kid now and a loving wife. Though at a very meager income from his daily tricycle round-ups in the barangay, he makes it a point to buy GIN este food to feed his family.

Well, it's his day today...HYPER BERTDEY!!! Chicharon bulaklak na to! Hehe

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