Good Friday...Sagada

Kakaiba ang pakiramdam ko pag-akyat pa lang namin sa Sagada. Hindi ko alam kung bakit.

This will be my second time in the town but I still am hoping to visit the Anglican Church perched at its center. It was already dark when we reached our destination yet pumped up pa din si AKO probably due to the steroids I am taking. Even if all of the guys are battered from the long drive, I asked them if we could dine at the Yoghurt Haus and let Mr. Jason Well try their special chix curry and of course, their famed yoghurt.

Pagkatapos mag-goli ng lahat (except ako hehe), straight ahead kame sa YH. Buti nalang nakaabot pa kame sa LAST SUPPER. We're the last table to be served. Ang cute talagang dumiskarte ni GOD, saktong sakto parang Sprite este Pop pala. (LORD: Parang me nagpapalakas sa kin sa tabe tabe...)

Mushroom and Pasta ang tinira ko plus some white bread. Tsampion na din for P120.00. Kaya para sa Yoghurt House, 4 stars for the food, serving and the ambiance. 4 laang kasi taob na daw ang lahat yoghurt nila nung gabeng yun. Nampitso!


lateralus said...

I'm a big fan of Sagada as well. I'm sure the town was swamped over the holy week. Yoghurt House is easily one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. hehe

U.T.O.Y said...

I promise to do this sort of "panata" every year. Just to thank him for everything HE did/does for us.