Fortuitous Cook

I learned to live by myself since high school, thus I have been a domesticated moi most of the time with a little less outlay than my bourgeois classmates. Not to mention my abilities to spend a little over than 100 bucks in a week during college, courtesy of fried egg and lucky me noodles.

Well, from those kick ass days of being a thrifter, I am now using it after sevral years of graduating from college. Actually I need to have a healthy diet as possible. Plus the fact that Lil Bro needs nutrients in his body all day long. So without any adieu, I took the task of having a daily routine of cooking-in- style hehe. Nahhh it's more of cooking with what I have in the fridge or what's been hiding in the closet or what SM, the local supermarket, has to offer.

Amazingly, I have these variety of dishes which I can't imagine in my entire life I could cook nor rustle up .

1. Pork dobo with Potatoes

2. Pork Sinigang in Taro or Tamarind

3. Molo Soup with Meatballs

4. Vitnamese Soup with Taro Balls (my own recipe)

5. Miswa Soup

6. Champorado (in Ricoa Cocoa)

7. Tinolang Manok

8. Coleslaw in Wasabi Dip

9. Garlic Bread with Pesto

10. Chicken Soup with Quail Eggs

11. Ginataang Sitaw with Crunchy Pork Bits

12. Menudo

And these are the over the top dishes that I would like to cook someday..(DREAMER!):

1. Chicken Puchero

2. Kare-Kare

3. Laing 4. Tinapang Bangus

5. Llanera (a Lucban deilicacy)

Antsatsalap neto!!!!

I do not dream of becoming a cook. It's just a call of need. But I am beginning to like the idea of wearing that "chef hat" and holding those ultra-shiny metallic cutleries. Maybe someday...hey you can never tell...I once had this idea of designing and owning a restaurant in Makati or Tagaytay if I do have THE BREAD. See you someday in my bar. Hehe.


Stip said...

since marunong ka na ng adobo, it won't be difficult to move on to mechado and bistek. =)

kelan ka uli magpapakain? hahaha.

U.T.O.Y said...

pag nakapagluto ako ulet malamang pag medyo ayos na yung sala at kumpleto na ilaw...

Bill Bilig said...

wow. buti ka pa marunong magluto. eh ako instant noodles lang ang alam lutuin hehe.. thanks for dropping by my blog, by the way :-)

U.T.O.Y said...

lang anuman...kataon lang naging cook...hehehe