The Little Rock Nine

This is my 80th post and I wanted it to be somewhat special. I thought I could get away with anything else to write here but there's this tinge of being too attached to what is happening around my so-called open book life. My family knows that we are currently struggling but we do not want to pity ourselves. I am too determined to still go on and fight with whatever strength I have for me to have alonger life to live (that is literally guys). With enough courage mixed with the odds of having most of the time, zero ATM balance , sige pa din, I know that HE is with us and that HIS power will persevere.

Now let's go to the video which I posted here. This happened when the Civil Rights Movement was very much apparent in the States. It's a story of the Little Rock Nine - one of the most inspiring events that really helped me a lot in times when I feel that no one else is with us or that everything around me is just waiting to burst and crumble.

The LITTLE ROCK NINE are actually black students who entered to an all white high school in the 50s. They were discriminated, bantered, hated. But they managed to persevere and finished their education.

The LITTLE ROCK NINE are: Ernest Green Elizabeth Eckford Jefferson Thomas Terrence Roberts Carlotta Walls Lanier Minnijean Brown-Trickey Gloria Ray Karlmark Thelma Mothershed-Wair Melba Pattillo Beals

6 women, 3 men. All braved their way to the all-white high school. I wanted to see them personally, to salute the pletora of courage, strength & determination that they have peacefully portrayed for the world to see.

Inspite of all the difficulties they faced day in and day out as they pass the fences of the school, with people shouting at them with malicious and belittling words, they stood tall - wanting to redeem what was worth of them. They carry with them the often misunderstood power which very few has really meant to have. Others perceived it as the spark of an era where individualism spoke dignity and the dignified whispered silence.

This year, the nine will be in the same high school to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this major historical event in the history of apartheid, desegregation and human rights victory in the United States.

Hopefully, this will prove that the same determination, courage and strength will be used by many to bring their lives together, despite of the difficulties we are all facing. The Little Rock Nine is a solid proof that no single person or a single fence can ruin one's life. It is all in the matter of remaining to believe and to trust these unspoiled virtues within ourselves.

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