making fun of yourself

I find humor to be the best way to relieve tension, especially when about a topic that makes people feel uncomfortable. One of my friends told me that I am now looking like "Bab of Pugad Baboy". Huwhhhaaatttt? hehe. Imagine looking like the character in that comic strip who is obese, lazy and a resident true-blue hippie. But I just laugh this off esp when I realize I now weigh almost 170 lbs from a mere 153 a couple of months ago. Hehe. Yeah, perhaps I now look like Bab (see it for yourself) hehe.


Stip said...

hmmm... pag nagpa-kalbo ka uli, pwede ka ring si IGNO na character sa Pugad Baboy.

wehehehe... pis! =)

valvon stalker said...

kaw ba yan? di naman ikaw yan eh...

bakit yung isang pic jan lang buhok sa kili kili...eh si bab mabuhok ang kili kili, minsan nga nilait nya ang F4 kasi ang kikinis ng mga pits nila...at proud pah!!!

tsaka...di ba ang valvon moh?