The Return of the Comeback

After my surgeon told me that I needed to wait before I handed over my virginal body (hehe) unto him, all the angels and the saints (+ some friend imps) leaped with me in total grats ala kermit. The temporary verdict was given to me - No Ops until Single Digit Kidney Function. Twas unexpected. Immense happiness was an understatement. Although just an interim, this is probably the best news I've ever received, better than having my girl Lana Lang by my bedside...ahhh probably not...probably the best news but not better than being with Lana Lang. I correct myself. Shouldering the stress of thinking everyday of your disease is totally draining, that after a week of savoring the great news, I:

  • Went to Bacolod to see my cuzs after 19 long years.
  • Ate my heart out in Carlo's Pizza. That Messicana was a blast!!!!
  • Visited my god kid in Singapore who cried the moment she saw me.
  • Treated myself with a 2-day VL
Relief. Relief. Relief. Haaahhh...Such a relief. Thanks to the great One above. I'll see you when I see you...


Stip said...

Hmm... di pa yata kita nababati ng "congrats!" for overcoming your ordeal. Aba! Hirap kaya ng dyeta mo atsaka yung walang inom!

Tama yang ginawa mo, yung mag-celebrate.

adrienne said...

tara! ino tay! hehe..
im happy sa results..
pumapayat ka na ulit. hehe =)

adrienne said...

tara! inoM tayO! hehe..
im happy sa results..
pumapayat ka na ulit. hehe =)