Difficult is an understatement. That's what I always thought of whenever I have personal distress.

Lucky me I could control all my muscles before them bursting with rage and create mayhem.

Though however I fill in every wrong detail of my life and my family's pseudo-soap patterned verve, so little has changed. I guess I can't change everything.

But at least there are these small changes that steadily giving me a smirk once in a while.

My lil sis is close to graduating. Come March, she'll be donning that long yearned toga. And she had recovered as well from that ear infection to which I am still indebted of to the company wahhhh. But it's all good.

My lil bro is now clean after suffering from a death-defying act. Not on Xsports but on his daily ritual, 6-months injection of the very last drug (of 4 possible meds) that can remedy his disease. Heck I remember holding him in my arms, squeezed, as I run to the ERl faster than Marion Jones. 'Really a close one.

Am I glad to have gone thru all of these this year? It's a definite YES. For He always was there. I have gone through the most difficult of trials... yet I have managed to stand and still run with whatever I have, for I knew He was there, He is there and forever will be there.


Gilthanas said...

Bro, you're my personal Man of the Year. Padayon.

U.T.O.Y said...

salamat gid.

ang importante ok na ang mga utol ko...sa huli na ako...

api nyu yir pre.

Eyi said...

thanks for everything kuya...