NOTE: Bangui is a term used for people who are ultra-conceited. Bangui actually is where the first windmills in the country are, which generates enough power from the WIND intended for the town.


Frustrated akong neuro-surgeon kaya pagbibigyan ko na ang sarili ko sa joke na to.

Three surgeons were discussing which one was the most skilled.

The first surgeon, by the name of tutut, said that a man had fallen across the railroad tracks, and a train had severed both legs just above the knees. After my surgery and physical therapy, that man won this year's Boston Marathon. Bangui number 1 anlakas ng hangin, 160 kph!!!!!

The second surgeon, si tutut # 2, said that was nothing. A woman had been thrown head first through the windshield of a car and her face was sliced to ribbons. After my surgery she won the Miss America contest. Bangui number 2...parang 300kph na bagyo hanef sa yabo!

The third surgeon, syempre si utoy, said that was nothing. A man had been sucked into the air intake of a jet engine. The only thing that was recovered was a tiny piece of brain matter no larger than a pea. From that piece, I, the surgeon reconstructed the entire man, and now he is president of the United States.

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