B-NYT 4 Volt and Donna

This is the first time in Two O O Seven that I ever attended a B-NYT (Bachelor's Night). Well because Donna was my co-scholar back in college (Year 2000 lang po) and Volt being one of the few oldie-bachelors hehe...

Also, my first attendance in a Stag Party with zero Coyote Girls dancin on tabletops (yeah baby!)...and the first and probably the last time that I'll be present in a bridal shower...

Was also the first time to have "0" alcohol, "0" beer or "0" red wine. Wag na pong alamin kung bakit...hehe

The party went out fine with tons of you-know-what-happens-in-this-type-of-party games! It was also a place crowded with characters - There was ASI. The Smurfs (hehehe) and The SUs (tabi tabi po). Hehe

To Donna and Volt - Have a great time together!

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