Maynila Revisited

Last weekend, I was invited in a photo session to capture what Manila has to offer thru the lenses of our camera. It's an informal shoot that created two challenges for me. One, I have a point and shoot cam. Second, what does Manila has to offer? (yes, in all seriousness). Nonetheless, I focused on two key spots in Manila that would give me enough substance both for the fun of it and for the fulfillment of the task. I chose Intramuros by day and Baywalk by night.


The usual sights in Intramuros is a treat for typical, veteran photographers since its symmetry, clean cut horizons and vague colors can transform a simple to interesting shot . I tried to sway the idea of symmetrical shots rather I focused on moving objects with assymetrics and some parallel lines.

The Walled City is an escape to the Manila traffic. Calesas abound the wide streets. Some are still paved in cobblestones especially those in front of the San Agustin Church, one of the oldest and widest church in the country.

I was looking for the old site where the University of Santo Tomas once stood but what I discovered was the old site of the Ateneo de Manila University. The site now hosts Clam Shells 1 & 2 - two huge pavillions which are used for regional showrooms and stages for orchestra ensembles.

After a few good shots, we rested for a while then headed straight to the Manila Bay Area.


The ever-evolving new pang-masa strip has turned the metro an edgy-er tambayan than Malate. Gone are the stench of the bay. Several bars with open air musical ensembles litter the almost 3-km bayside strip. Name it and this place has it - Manny Pacquiao resto, comedy bars, midget waiters, dinosaurs as tall as its opposite buildings, and tons of castañas, boiled corn & would you imagine inihaw na pusit!

You can practically walk in the area without any worries of snatchers. It seems that they are not welcome here as several numbers of cops are within striking distance.

I hail the leaders of Manila for this sumptuous treat to the greater Manileño sector. Its not often you'd see zero traffic. There are efficient, and mind you, working toilets. And the bronze statues are still intact; unlike the one in front of the City Hall where the bronze pen of Pareng Andres Bonifacio was stolen from its silent owner. If only Boni could speak....Tsk tsk tsk.

Our session stopped when streaks of rain fell. I never felt tired during the whole shoot. Thanks to my meds and to the awesome guys who invited me. 'Really did my task well...

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