2007 Philippine Blog Awards

This inspires me to cling on to my blogs... From INQ.7.net

The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards was opened "to all Filipino bloggers who have full ownership of their blogs" but exclused "blogs belonging to blog networks or corporate blogs cannot be included because of ownership rights." The awards sought to "pay homage to 'grassroots bloggers' who have built up their blogs from their own efforts."

The final list of similarly outstanding bloggers follows: * Best Personal Blog: Misteryosa

* Best Home & Living Blog: Wifely Steps

* Best Socio-Political Blog: Philippine Commentary

* Best News & Media Blog: Inside PCIJ

* Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux

* Podcast of the Year: HappySlip

* Best Technology Blog: Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments

* Best Business/Entrepreneur Blog: Reflections of a BizDrivenLife

* Best Entertainment Blog: Retzwerx

* Best Sports & Recreation Blog: Who rides a Vespa?

* Best Travel Blog: Ivan About Town

* PhotoBlog of the Year: SeƱor Enrique: Wish You Were Here

Special Awards winners follow: * Best Blog Design: Far from Neutral Notions

* Best Free Custom Theme: Blu3zin3

* Best Plugin/Extension: iPap

* Best OFW Blog: Kwentong Tambay

* Bloggers’ Choice Awards: MarketManila

Globe Broadband Awards were likewise conferred: * Blog Achievement Award: The Mommy Journals

* Pinoy Ako Blog Award: http://ederic.tinig.com/

* Family Blog Award: About My Recovery

* Blogirl Award: Well Whatever

* Deliblog Award: Dessert Comes First

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