Semana Santa

Semana Santa (or Holy Week) started April 1, 2007. This time, Palm Sunday fell on April Fool's Day. I was listening to the radio a day before when I found out that indeed it falls on April Fool's Day. Weird but true. Hopefully everyone will realize that foolishness and holiness are not for mixing.

I bought our palaspas (palm) at the Lipa Cathedral, Lipa City where vendors are still starting to weave their products. A bunch would cost you only Php 15.00. I promised to attend the Palm Sunday Mass early in the morning with Papa in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna.

Palm Sunday 6:00 am. Papa and my younger brother left without me. As usual I woke up late. With this, I then promised to attend the church services in Batangas City (where I work at) on an early Holy Monday.

Holy Monday I overslept. In fact, I was also late to work. Exactly 15 minutes passed 8 am. God I needed to pick up my broken promises!.

Holy Tuesday I didn't promise anything the night before for I know I will again get up late.


I needed God these days. My bluntness in narration is the same as to what I am feeling right now. And with these broken promises, I know HE is not happy. My FAITH on HIM has deeply lessened when I was struck with a lot of problems, I almost surrendered. I even asked HIM oftentimes, WHY?.

This changed when two friends of mine walked with me one night. I have relentlessly narrated to them the hardships that I was at. When I mentioned how I asked GOD why would HE do all these things to me and my family, they stopped me. My friend then talked about how he and his wife hurdled the deaths of his father, his mother and his brother all in the same year. He said he didn't even thought of giving up nor cursing GOD. In fact he even thanked HIM for his loved ones will at last be peacefully re-united with HIM. Never was there a time that he thought it was HIS wrath. Rather he continued to see it as a test which he, and only he, can pull through.

I was taken aback. I felt ashamed of myself. That same night, I thanked HIM for bringing me friends who have personified HIS teachings in all HIS glory. I am hoping I could be as strong as these people. As faithful and as beloved like GOD wants us to be. I know GOD can make a way. Now, my FAITH is slowly keeping its pace, hoping to reconcile with who was then my only resort - HIM.

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