good deeds


Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English dede, from Old English dǣd; akin to Old English dōn to do Date: before 12th century

1 : something that is done 2 : a usually illustrious act or action : feat exploit 3 : the act of performing : action 4 : a signed and usually sealed instrument containing some legal transfer, bargain, or contract

from this day on, i am obliging my semi-vile self to do infinite, real, & good deeds. from the smallest, to the far-greater-paying-it-forward ala Li'l Mr. Osmont. why would i wanna do this? simple. it's an idea that came up to me inside a bus, inspired by several pseudo-cool people cuddling their iPod shuffles beneath their eight thousand decibel protected eardrums. seriously though, i was dumbfounded when i chance upon this petite "lola" by the sidewalk along my lil sis' dorm. she was greasy and all yet, there'll be some part of you that'll surely be pinched once her eyes set upon yours. lost, hopeless soul...i was bowled over with instant pity. i came closer to her then, as if tranced, i gave her what food i have. i didnt know that i can do that?! even doubly surprised when i went back to offer her water.

thinking of this on my way home, it's a far cry from what i am and was doing for the past years. i'm a typical sinner. never have i thought that i could be a "good deed-er". and then it struck me...i realized, i could still open my eyes to see what else could be done.

and so i am promising myself that i am gonna do this self project...with an exclamation point. though i am also hoping that it could propel towards other people. it's not as hard as it sounds. just share a little of yourself to your own self, to your family, to your friends and to people whom you do not know. one's life may change if you do a little of a good deed NOW.


Abad said...

Nice. Pagpatuloy mo lang. :)

adrienne said...

there is a sense of contentment and peace whenever you get to help someone.. even in a very little way..

i remember being stuck in traffic at noon along san mig ave, a large drink in hand.. a kid knocked on the window and asked, "sa'kin napo yan..?" i was caught off-guard while taking a sip, but i found myself handing the drink to the kid and telling him, "pasensya na kalahati na lang 'yan.." The kid smiled and skipped towards the side walk and drank the coke looking every bit pleased.. and as our car moved forward, i can't help but look at the kid and feel so peaceful.. it feels really good to help..

and anyone is capable of doing good deeds.. even the semi-evil, scheming, bratty ones.. =)

trishie said...

aww. :)
That's an added golden token to your pot of gold in heaven.

Rhapsody said...

good to hear that.. coz some people are so selfish that they wont even give a bit of their food or money... i hope i can practice good deeds as well... ;D