anilao, batangas

Only 140 km south of Manila, Anilao's proximity makes it a popular destination for weekend diving trips. Even excursions are ideal in this southern town where resorts are situated within short boat rides to excellent dive sites. Diving is mainly in coral slopes and shallow gardens among sandy patches. Choose from any of the 24 dive sites between the coast of Anilao and Maricaban Island. The most popular site is the Cathedral (average of 60 ft.), a roofless cavern with a blessed cross flanked by two large sea mounts. Ideal diving season is from November until May.

Due to its proximity to Manila, Anilao is frequented by weekend divers and day trippers. One simply has to take 2 to 2 1/2 hour land trip to Anilao from Manila. There are daily buses that run from Pasay City to Batangas, after which you may take a jeepney to Anilao. It is advisable to get yourself a car or have one arranged for you as Anilao is somewhat out of the way for most of the jeepneys.

I was in Planet Dive a year ago and the roads are bad, I mean really bad. This year when I went there, it is totally different. Roads are paved and more resorts are mushrooming which is good for revelers here and abroad. Prices are now competitive unlike in previous years.
Should you want to visit the area, it is better to negotiate instead with the boat owners especially if you already have the gears for diving. Several premiums are added on resort packages that eventually risks your dollars. Nonetheless, compared to other dive sites in the country, Anilao is for beginners who could only afford to have 1-2 day spree. But if you have a week or two, better check out the other dive sites in the country.

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