my closest friends told me i'm now "bastos" or "green" or "blasphemous"

they thought i've been like this because :

1. i havent done it for so long - you know what i mean. and i detest that hehehe. 2. when i was so sick, i was too behaved; now craps are overflowing and they need to get out of my system - these buddies of mine are rotten hehehe. 3. ive got foreigner friends and being green (minded that is) is the only thing that could make them laugh - pare, nosebleed sa English!!!

Well, i cant argue on some things they said, but in my world,

1. i think i am not sinning by being green for i don't do things which are out of HIS league (errrrr...sometimes). I even mutter when a woman is around or speak my mind initially before my tongue does its works. 2. i am totally behaved when i'm with other people 'side from my buddies. this is not really to show off that i am a "good" person, "but friends are friends" and "other people are other people." i respect their turf and i can adapt to any situation if one obliges me.

i'm not that perfect whom GOD can nurse on HIS crib but:

1. i (always) think of people before i blurt out things so as not to hurt them 2. always say my apologies if i did offend them esp friends 3. i try not to be blasphemous, if so, i confess (this is true) before the day ends 4. i havent hurt people with the things i came up with (as far as i know; this started when i received a colossal grace from HIM last year)

If I did hurt people, SORRY guys. Didnt mean to do so.


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