real tragedy

The real tragedy for a Christian starts when he can no longer see Jesus in his life; when because of lukewarmness or sin or pride, the horizon becomes clouded over; when things are done as if Jesus were not by his side, as if the Lord had never risen from the dead.

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hephaestus said...

depende yan dude.

di ko alam yung context mo, pero naalala ko tuloy dito yung recent Time magazine article about kay Mother Teresa. sa dami ng ginawa nya for the poor at syempre for the Catholic faith in general, it turned out na hindi nya nararamdaman yung Diyos sa buhay nya for almost 60 years. what's amazing was she held on to her beliefs, and more amazing still, she did all those wonderful things she is most famous for: helping the poor of Calcutta, founding one of the most recognizable Catholic organizations in the world, and becoming this Catholic rock star in the same league as that other Catholic rock star, John Paul II.

pwede rin sigurong tingnang opportunity yun, or a test of faith kumbaga. but that's just me. hehe...